We want to help bring people together regardless of their differences that are, often, reason for exclusion from different social contexts



We value the peculiarities, the know-how, the history and traditions of each person because everyone can contribute to improve the other's lives.



It really change our lives: training is the basic element of our present and of the people with whom we relate.



Solidarity is real when we share: our success is the network of international relationships that are our bunisess' lifeblood



We offer training experiences and career counselling.
We promote personal growth processes based on autonomy and responsibility.
We encourage personal development and active citizen participation in society.


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About Us

Organization for Development and Innovation in Europe “In Varietate Concordia” is an NGO based in Constanta. The name of our NGO wants to indicate the community approach to the enhancement of skills and diversity, the comparison between people and therefore between countries.
We report some sectors in which we operate:

  • innovation
  • cooperation
  • information tecnology
  • training
  • international mobility
  • networking

It firmly promotes the values of inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination. It deals with the dissemination of the opportunities and policies of the European Union. Among other activities it deals with the realization of European projects of international mobility, training, innovation, diffusion and technology transfer.

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In Varietate Concordia

is an NGO (a Organization for Development and Innovation in Europe) based in Constanta.It firmly promotes the values of inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination.

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