Youth Empowerment and Participation – YEP 
4 Giugno 2020

 Planting Sustainability

Planting Sustainability is a European project co-funded by the ERASMUS + programme. The aim of the project is to develop and provide interdisciplinary and ecologically oriented education to both youth and children and get them ready for the future, because youth are the changers of today and children are the changers of the time ahead. The project provides opportunities for volunteering and mobility, innovative learning strategy and youth work activities, it is contributing to youths’ transferable skills, open-mindedness, and other skills. The project’s theme is going to lay out the comprehension of money management for a sustainable economy and living.

During and after the project we would like to publish the following materials:

– Pedagogical handbook,

– Interdisciplinary handbook on economy and ecology,

– Report regarding ECEC methodology differences and similarities of the three countries,

– Developed activities for kindergartens,

– Performed activities and used methodology based on kindergarten teachers reports,

– Non-formal educational lectures of the training course according to the results of volunteers’ tests after the course and their feedback.


Connectus (Slovakia) – coordinator, In Varietate Concordia (Romania), Cosvitec Societa Consortile (Italy).